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Fit to be Tied

I suddenly realized these poignant vignettes have taken a kinky turn to the left but, honestly, it seems my clients prefer to experience unconventional thrills they can’t get in their own bedrooms (if they’re married or in a relationship) or from that fresh-faced, perky girl they took home last night from the neighborhood watering hole just before closing time.  So don’t blame me for my clients’ off the wall requests.

Having said all that, I was caught off guard by a phone call I received a few weeks back from an older fellow named Freddie who told me he normally plays boudoir games with a pair a bit younger than he is but he thought he’d like to try something new for a change.   Not strictly an unusual request for me.  I routinely cater to the less conservative impulses of my guests.  What took me by surprise was the kinky character of his regular companions.   The couple Freddie romped with on a regular basis was a middle-aged woman and her partner, a pre-op transvestite who was well on his way to becoming a girl. Freddie said he usually enjoyed sucking the tranny’s cock but for tonight he thought he’d like to try something different.   In my heart of hearts I thought that sounded like a real challenge, even for me.  So anyway I drove over to Freddie’s house and rang the bell.  It turned out he wanted me to tie him up and have my way with him. 

Freddie seemed pleased with the way I looked and my outgoing personality. He was quite the character. He’d left a joint burning in the ashtray and he offered me a toke as soon as we came into his bedroom. While we were getting naked and better acquainted he amused me with stories about himself and his wild escapades. Freddie kept me in stitches for the better part of half an hour.  It was a refreshing change for me, getting paid to be entertained by a nice looking old guy who wanted me to truss him up like a fat hog.

When it came time to “get busy” Freddie pointed to a dresser top covered with toys, tubes of lubricants and an amazing variety of colored rope.  I went to the dresser and selected a black rope along with an enormous dildo he called his Black Mamba.  I strapped the Black Mamba around my waist and secured it in back.  Then I tied Freddie’s hands and feet to the four-poster bed.  This was a trip for me!  I had total control over Freddie and I found that I loved it. I started with the lube, putting it on my fingers and tickling his glory hole, getting it ready for the Black Mamba. I tortured him with pleasure, sucking his dick while the dildo hung down from my crotch and fucking his ass with my fist. He was hollering so loud I thought the neighbors would call the cops. 

When I thought he’d had enough teasing, I untied him from the bed posts, flipped him on his stomach and tied him up again, ass up face down. I took my big black cock and pressed it firmly against his starfish until it glided its way in. I grabbed his waist and drove myself into him, again, again and again. The harness around me was rubbing my clit.  The more I rammed the better it felt. I went faster and harder and then BOOM goes the dynamite in my pussy. I was surprised at the intensity of my orgasm.  It was like a switch flipped inside my head.  Sweet, unassuming Angie was suddenly in charge, running the whole show.  I loved reversing roles. It was an empowering feeling, fucking the dog shit out of Freddie.

As far as Freddie goes, he was very satisfied to say the least, based on the smile on his face and the size of the tip he pressed into my sweaty hand as I stumbled out the door.  You can bet your sweet ass I’ll be seeing Freddie again!  Ciao!

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