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Sally and Me and a Boy Makes Three

I promised earlier I’d tell you another story about Sally and me.  If you recall, Sally and I loved to visit the local family amusement park almost every weekend. I fondly remember one particular night we took a boy on that Pirate Ship ride everybody talks about.  Sally and I had been trading sips out of a pint bottle of some really harsh bourbon this older dude bought us in exchange for a peek at the promised land and we were getting real touchy-feely with each other.  It wasn’t the booze alone that loosened us up, although that helped.  The truth is we’d begun to flirt openly since our first shy, sexual fumble on her mother’s couch. We got a lot of hot looks from boys who wanted to get in on the action but for the most part we kept them at arm’s length.  Looking back I guess I was a slut-in-training even back then.  I can still pull off a prick tease with the best of them but now I charge a premium for the pleasure.

Getting back to the event at the theme park.  We’d met this particular boy once or twice before so we all knew a little bit about each other and Sally and I could tell he definitely wanted to get to know us better. So we got in line for the ride and after about twenty minutes, many of which were spent in playfully jostling each other back and forth and sharing furtive nips from the brown-paper bag that held the bottle of hooch, we three got onboard … him not knowing exactly what we had in mind. I’m not sure Sally and I knew exactly what we had in mind either.  Sally and I never spent much time putting together a comprehensive game plan.  Sometimes when we were out together, shit happened. We were young and horny and you know the old saying: “Girls just want to have fun.” 

The Pirate Ship pulled away from the pier, water sloshing against the sides of the ship.  It was getting late, maybe around 11:00pm, so there weren’t many people on the ride. The three of us were seated on a flat plank way down at the stern of the boat with him in the middle. By this time the bourbon bottle was empty so I stashed it beneath the bench seat.  A tired-looking, middle-aged woman with three children in tow sat on the other side of the boat, all the way up at the bow.  Her kids were squirming around like they had worms or something and it was all she could do to keep them in check.  I didn’t pay her much attention.  I knew if she looked back in our direction she’d soon be paying a lot of attention to us.  Well fuck her.  Those young kids shouldn’t have been out so late anyhow.  Christ!

Sally and I always enjoyed the shock-and-awe expression on someone’s face when we’d start making out in front of them and that’s what we did.  We leaned over in front of the boy’s face and began kissing each other and sucking on each other’s tongues as if we were sucking his dick. Then we turned to him and began nibbling his ears, our hands groping his dick and balls. Sally and I had a way to talk to one another with our eyes. We pretty much knew our next moves.  I looked at her and glanced down.  Then Sally and I began undoing his pants.  Wow!  My hand brushed up against something real hard.  Who knew you could get that much cock in one tight pair of jeans!

I don’t know if you have any personal experience with the Pirate Ship ride, so I’ll explain how it works.  The ride is very slow but it has these abrupt drops in it, like suddenly the boat plunges over a waterfall or something and is on the verge of going under.  Then the boat rights itself and straightens out and all the time there’s this annoying song going in the background. You know the one, something about the life of a pirate…

We got his pants undone right before our second drop. When the boat went down so did I, giving whole new meaning to the phrase “going down with the ship!”   When the ship hit bottom the sudden halt in its descent nearly drove the boy’s popsicle through the back of my skull, but as the ship righted itself I did as well.  Shortly thereafter Sally joined me.  While the ship was wallowing in the trenches Sally got in a couple of hot licks herself.  Up at the bow, the middle-aged lady had her hands full with her kids while back at the stern Sally and I had our hands full of boy.  He leaned back into the cushions and I swear I could hear him singing, “Fuck the pirates, I’m gonna blow!”  He popped pretty quick after that, his fists balled up and his eyes squeezed tightly shut.  We tidied him up as the boat pulled back up to the dock.  Then we scampered off the ride and skipped away to enjoy more fantasies before the park shut down for the night.  God I miss the energies of my happily misspent youth!  Ciao!

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