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Time Off for Bad Behavior

This line of work suits me well and I am well suited to this line of work but honestly, there are times when I would just as soon take the day off.  It isn’t that I tire of the million and one quirks that go along with the game.  It’s not that I grow weary of my horizontal profession.  God knows the job pays better than average but still I sometimes need a day away from the slaps and tickles that make my boys happy in the bedroom.

A few weeks back I attended a family function.  It wasn’t a formal holiday gathering such as one would find at Thanksgiving.  My mother had hired four contractors to lay a patio behind the farmhouse she and Dad lived in, before he mysteriously disappeared for parts unknown, and she invited me and my sister and her brood to come by and watch.  This was on a weekend in mid-July and we all showed up around noon for a late breakfast.  The contractors were already hard at work when we arrived.

My sister, Gail, and her two boys traipsed into the house while her husband, Freddy, fixed a world-weary eye on my matchless ass and muttered a few well-chosen words of off-color hilarity which I pointedly ignored.  I’ve never trusted Freddy as far as I could toss him and he tips the scale around two-twenty, most of which is lard.  Besides, I had my eye fixed on the youngest of the male quartet of workers who was at the moment in the process of getting all sweaty and dirty, the way I prefer my men.  His shirt was off and his sculpted pectorals glistened in the noonday sun.  God, he was a hunk!

I shooed Freddy into the house and approached the crew.  The young man I so admired noticed me watching and he gave me a welcoming grin.

“God, lady, it’s hot,” he said mischievously.  “Do you think I could prevail upon your good nature to fetch me a glass of cold water?”

“There’s a faucet in that tool shed out back,” I replied, nodding my head at a shack to the rear of the property.  “It draws from a well that has the coldest, freshest water you could imagine.  You’d have to bring your own cup, though.”

He got permission from the boss and the two of us ambled off to the shed.  Of course he was flirting with me, saying the regular lines and eye fucking me so I knew I had this one in the bag.  I led him inside and pointed to the mouth of a faucet that had a drip of water about to fall on the dirt floor.  He leaned down to turn on the faucet and I sidled over to a wooden stool next to a welding bench and bent over so my ass cheeks were playing peek a boo.

“Damn, girl, don’t do that,” he said hoarsely and I replied, “Why not, don’t you want some?”

He unzipped his fly and walked over as I slipped out of my shorts.  His dick was already rock hard so he thrust it deep into my pussy. I bent over and let him have his way with me. I love it when a man takes over. He flipped me around and propped me up on the welding bench and fucked me hard and good.  I took every inch.   He didn’t last long.  He blew his load all over my chest. We were both totally spent. We got our clothes together and trucked back up to the yard laughing and trying to get our composure right so no one would know that he had me for lunch.

Making others happy in ones chosen profession is all good but honestly, sometimes a girl just wants to be fucked.  Ciao!

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